Malek Hotel

Malek Hotel with traditional architecture placed in Isfahan historical city. the hotel is in the center of the city where is the nearest place to the most important historic monuments like naqshe jahan sqaure and many of the historic and tourist attractions.also this hotel is the nearest to the Isfahan international exhibition

  • Rooms

    Malek hotel has varieties of double, triple and quad rooms with appropriate atmosphere and all welfare facilities to welcome you

  • Restaurant

    Malek hotel contains a traditional restaurant with a calm area with kinds of traditional and modern foods is ready to give services at noon and night

  • Parking

    Malek hotel has two free parking and provides it for road trip lovers.

Malek Hotel services



ceremony Hall

Coffee Shop

traditional restaurant

music band

formality Car


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Double room


  • additional person : 6.5$
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triple room


  • additional person : 6.5$
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quad room


  • additional person : 6.5$
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Isfahan is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, an unforgettable international tourism destination popular all of over the world, an encyclopedia of Iranian and Islamic civilization, locally famous as half of the world. Isfahan presents the real Persian character, the most glorious in historical and architectural wealth. Monuments in Isfahan are great examples of our art and architecture.isfahan has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. "Esfaha Nesf-e-jahan", ‘Isfahan is half the world’! This well-known saying was originally coined to describe Isfahan in Safavid times, when the city was at the height of its glory Even today, Isfahan remains one of the Iran's most beautiful cities and its monuments can be ranked among the most splendid of the Islamic world The atmosphere in town is a relaxed one: this is a place to wander in, to get to know slowly, with its gardens, its river side and its shopping streets. Isfahan as on of the old historical cities of Iran is the center of different kind of arts as follow: Carpet weaving ,Enamel Work (Mina) ,Inlaid Work (Khatam),Painted Matters (Ghalamkar) Tile & Tile Mosaic Work ,Calligraphy , Miniature Paintings , Metal Work , Embroidery , Brocade ,Papier Mache.